Fractured Fairy-Tales

My intention for this site has always been to share interesting, odd, or simply ridiculous bullshit my friends and I thought up, but it's ended up mostly being my email host the past 15 years. As a resolution for the upcoming year, I hope to start using it again. Here's a brief list of the random crap I hope to upload.

Now you might be thinking, "Matt, aren't you a mentally deranged loner? Where did you meet these people?" Good question, mom. I met Mercer at the local GameStop after he was thrown out informing customers that the XBox 360 was a "white trash console" for "hillbillies that need to kill time between fucking their sisters." He assures me that he will be able to channel his rage into fine journalism.

Rex is a 63 year old private investigator I caught peeping into several windows in my neighborhood. He claims that he was on a case and not stalking his "fucking slut ex-wife, Linda", and he's graciously offered to submit strange stories from his 30+ years of experiences presumably trying to catch other men committing marital infidelities in return for my failure to remember his face when speaking with local authorities.

That's about it for now. The last 15 years have been awful, but somehow 2018 was so bad it pushed me to do something with this website. Here's to hoping.

- Matt Spackman, December 8th, 2018